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A2LAAmerican Association for Laboratory Accreditation
AAFCOAssociation of American Feed Control Officials
AATCCAmerican Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. Technical and scientific society devoted to the advancement of textile chemistry. The association’s 7000 individual, corporate, and student members around the world represent a broad spectrum of expertise in textile research, manufacturing, and marketing.
ABFLOAssociation of Bedding & Furniture Law Officials; currently known as IABFLO
ABNT (Q) ABNT (Associacao Brasileira de Normas Tecnicas) is the local institute of normalization. They have a product certification mark called ABNT (Q).

They also have a certificate of conformity -- ABNQ (C) -- delivered to companies who want to prove that their products comply with specific Brazilian, international or foreign norms. This logo is not available.

Sources : www.abnt.org.br
ABSacrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene. Hard, durable, plastic commonly used in manufacturing applications. With respect to toys, ABS is commonly used for the housing on motorized toys due to its ability to be sonically welded and its durability.
ACAFRAppareil à Couvercle Amovible et à Fermeture Rapide; (EN)
Camera with Removable Lid and Fast Closure
Accessible (Toy)Any portion of a toy that can be contacted by a probe designated in 16 CFR 1500.48 and 16 CFR 1500.49.
ACTSName of the company acquired in the US by BV and now part of CPSD
AdulterateTo make impure or unsafe by the addition of an ingredient.
AENORAENOR (Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación; Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) is a private, not-for-profit entity dedicated to the development of normalisation and certification activities in Spain. Its goal is to contribute to improve the quality and competitiveness of firms and their products and services.
AENOR Environmental Mark The AENOR mark Medio Ambiente is a voluntary mark of conformity assessment in Spain to distinguish products having a minor incidence on environment during their life cycle. The medio ambiante mark is used to promote products that respect the environment and to inform consumers about the environmental effects of the products they purchase.

Source : www.aenor.es
AFNOR – NF Mark (France)AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation) is a state-approved organization, placed under the supervision of the French Ministry for Industry.
Its missions :
· pilot and coordinate the preparation of standards,
· represent and defend French interests within all standardization bodies,
· approve standards,
· promote and facilitate the use of standards,
· develop NF certification and products, services and systems certification.

AFNOR figures:
3000 members, 600 employees
1999 turnover : 497,7 MF i.e. 75,9 M?
1999 excess : 1,3 MF i.e. 0,2 M?

Over 250 applications, many thousands of commercial product certified, 4500 companies using the mark for product (30% of foreign companies) and 700 “NF Service” mark licensees.
14 accredited organisms able to deliver the complete process of certification.
12 “technical secretary” able to deliver a part of the process of certification.
Several dozens of laboratories and audit & inspection organisms.
AGA Blue Star The American Gas Association (AGA) "Blue Star" mark for gas appliances and other liquid petroleum products indicates certification to applicable U.S. standards. This mark will be used by CSA International until June 30, 2000. As of July 1, 2000 the CSA Blue Star mark will be required.
AGA "Script" The American Gas Association (AGA) "Script" for components of gas appliances and other liquid petroleum products indicates certification to applicable U.S. standards. This mark will be used by CSA International until June 30, 2000. As of July 1, 2000 the CSA mark with the indicator "US" will be required.
Age Warning SymbolUsed in Europe and Brazil to denote proper age usage
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute. ANSI has administrated and coordinated the US private sector voluntary standardization system for more than 80 years. ANSI does not develop standards itself; rather it facilitates standards development by establishing consensus among qualified groups.
AOACAssociation of Official Analytical Chemists. This organization focuses on chemical and microbiological analysis in areas of food, drugs, agriculture, environment, forensics.
Argentina Certification MarkRequired on all products having mandatory certification schemes (i.e. toys, electronics)
Art MaterialAny substance marketed or represented by the producer or repackager as suitable for use in any phase of the creation of any work of visual or graphic art of any medium. This definition includes items that become a component of the work of art such as paint, inks, crayons, chalk, solder and clay.
AspirationThe act of inhaling a toy or small part into the respiratory tract.
AssayA measurable quantity or a chemical test to determine the presence or absence or more often the quantity of one or more components of a material (as an ore, alloy, drug, antibiotic, or dietary substance).
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing Materials. ASTM develops voluntary standards, related technical information, and services to promote public health and safety. ASTM evaluates, tests and develops specifications on the reliability of materials, products, systems and services.
ATBCAcetyltributyl Citrate, a non-phthalate plasticizer
Australian C - Tick MarkAustralian electrical safety mark for products conforming to electromagnetic compatibility standards.
Australian RCM MarkAustralian Regulatory Compliance Mark for mains powered devices, not applicable to battery powered products.
Australian Standard MarkingThese marks are used to show compliance with Australian standards.

Source : www.qas.com.au
Azo dyesAzo dyes are dyes in which the azo group ( -N=N-, which unites two hydrocarbon groups) is the functional group which determines the color and joins benzene or naphthalene rings. Azodyes which, by reductive cleavage of one or more azo groups, may release one or more of the 22 European restricted aromatic amines that have been determined to pose cancer risks.

Azo dyes are used in textile and leather goods but are also found in paints, varnishes, adhesives, printing inks and include a large number of biologic stains.
BassinetA stationary, basket-like product intended to provide sleeping accomodation for an infant.
Battery Label (EUR)European symbols for disposal of batteries